"Witech’s goal is to inspire young generations, create a platform for knowledge sharing, build role models, network, and develop amazing things together."

- Natasha Asimiadis and Diana Unander- founders of WiTech

WiTech – Our Vision

At WiTech’s kick-off, November 24th 2017, approximately 60 women joined and participated in a workshop in which they got to express what the network should work with. We got 58 answers and from these we could easy see a pattern leading us to our four goals.

To Meet

Enable women from different orientations within IT to meet and expand their networks, both socially and work related opportunities

Role Models

Show young girls the diversity and
attractiveness in IT


We want to be a source of inspiration and increase the knowledge about working in IT, both through yearly conferences, and mainly by giving inspiration talks

Share Knowledge

Share knowledge and updates between researchers, students and professionals within the network

Every week we have an Instagram take-over. It means that you will have the opportunity to follow a person on their daily routine at work or school for one week. The idea of this concept is to show the diversity of people
and jobs related to IT.

If you are interested in being in charge of our Instagram-account for one week, contact us!


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