Why did we feel the need

to start WiTech?

Our goal is to have regular inspirational events and to build more awareness about the attractiveness and diversity of IT.

WiTech is a network created by women for women. The network wants to raise awareness of the possibilities in jobs related to IT. Due to an over representation of men within jobs related to IT and a lack of female role models, some women might feel lonely in the field. That’s why WiTech was created. WiTech is not bound to any companies which makes this network open for everyone. We want the network to be a place where we can exchange knowledge, inspire others and show the variety of roles within the field.

We also have a strong commitment to inspire the next generation of Girls to work with IT or choose to study IT. WiTech also aims to create more female role models. The IT-industry is evolving rapidly, and we need as many qualified people as possible, but the number of females in the IT-industry and the number of females who study IT is still low.

“I believe we need more women and girls in IT to break the stereotypes. We need this network to spread awareness”

 – Aida Begovic, technical project manager, Zenta

 Natasha Asimiadis, Sigma Technology and Diana Unander Linnaeus University, started the work in the autumn of 2017. They planned an evening event for women studying or working in the IT-industry (in Kalmar and Kronoberg). The idea about the event was to bring together female IT-workers and together create the conditions of the network; the catchwords being “a network for us, by us.

The goal for our first evening event was that 40 women would sign up, but the more realistic aim was that we would be happy if around 20 people showed up.

However, 60 women came on our first event and 106 had signed up to join the network – in just 6 weeks!


“It’s high time that a city like Växjö with its density of IT-companies also has a Women in Tech network. Women helping each other in this sector would benefit everyone with increased diversity and gender balance.”
                           – Lynette Pagden, Service Operations Owner, IKEA IT AB


WiTech brings women from higher educational establishments together with companies and public sector. This reduces the gap between the public and private sector in Växjö/Kalmar. It also gives female students a great opportunity to meet and get inspired by women in the IT-industry, and future work opportunities.

In March 2018 we had 128 registered women in the network from Växjö and Kalmar in Sweden. A large number of women and over 30 businesses in the region are involved in the network
– and we keep growing!

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