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5/12 Techtalk: Diverse and cross-functional teams in Machine Learning


Meet Antonina Danylenko Head of Applied Machine Learning at The Nordic Entertainment Group who offers video-on-demand streaming, linear TV channels and radio broadcasting – probably best known for their Viaplay, Viafree & Viasat platforms. They’re responsible for connecting over 1.4 million subscribers to the content they love, with more than 1900 employees across the Nordics and the UK.

She will talk about how diversity and inclusion become an important topic for every company’s growth. Now it is hard to imagine a tech company that does not consider diversity as a key element in a hiring process. However, it is still not easy to tick all the boxes in a search for a perfect candidate – find a highly-skilled person that fits the company culture and that brings a new knowledge and perspectives to a team. This can lead to certain compromises that a hiring manager needs to account for. Yet, building a cross-functional and diverse Machine Learning team is an advantage, since Machine Learning team requires a quite spread set of skills that in a high-performing environment usually complement each other. In this talk I will cover different skills set required to build a high-performing ML team and the mission of the ML team at NENT group. Also we will discuss how to best promote and nurture women in the workplace, create a safe working environment and which initiatives/organisations/communities exist that are promoting women in tech.

Sign up here: https://forms.gle/3qW55zRRAG7VSK8d8 no later than December 2nd

You can also meet Antonina during the Big Data Conference at LNU during December 5-6th https://lnu.se/en/meet-linnaeus-university/current/events/2019/big-data-2019/

Plats:  Sal D1136, Linnéuniversitetet Växjö,
Tid: Start 08.00, slut  9.30

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