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Tech-talk and breakfast at Visma, December 14th

When? Friday 14th December 08.00-10.00
Where? Visma Spcs, Sambandsvägen 5, Växjö

What does it take to work according Lean UX and MVP principles?

Theme and topic:
Lean UX is a simplified design process that like all other UX methods is about maximizing custom value and solving the right problems. Lean UX combines UX and Agile processes where the
UX process goes faster and we try out hypotheses throughout the design & development phase. One important approach is to deliver according to MVP (Minimal Viable Products) principles with experimentation and several iterations that is follow up by metrics. Lean UX is for sure not a “one-man-job” it requires that the team and stakeholders collaborates with an agile mindset and do continuous delivery. Susanna Lindkvist Development manager will share Visma experiences and lessons learned when adapting Lean UX and MVP in our cloud services.

08:00-08:45 Breakfast is served
08:45-09:00 Information about events and highlights from Witech
09:00-09:45 Tech talk from Visma: What does it take to work according Lean UX and MVP principles?

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Welcome to the last meet-up this year, we are looking forward to meet you!

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